Two Sports: Final Second Heroics in Philadelphia


This weekend brought top 25 football with UCF visiting Temple and my first basketball game of the season between Creighton and Saint Joseph’s.  Both proved to be some of the most exciting action I’ve covered in quite a while.


First up was #17 UCF (8-1) vs Temple (1-9) at Lincoln Financial Field and it would prove anything than what was to be expected.  Besides an early safety for UCF the Owls hung close all game.







Missed opportunities for the Knights kept the Owls at the door including this missed touchdown catch prior to half time




UCF Knights wide receiver, Rannell Hall (6), defended by Temple Owls defensive back Tavon Young (25), dives for the ball but could not hang on for the catch.  Rannell was shaken up on the play but it wouldn’t keep him from coming back to put the knights into position to win the game









Then came one of those moments that just piss you off to no end, as I write this I’m still bitter about it but thats the way it goes I guess.  With a 1:06 left in the game quarterback Blake Bortles threw a 30 yard pass to J.J. Worton for a one handed, unbelievable game tying TOUCHDOWN!!  Sounds awesome right,  well here is my view of it….


I guess thats why I suck at fishing.  I sat in that corner all game and didn’t catch shit, but like I said thats the nature of the beast.

Check out the catch here:

After a Temple punt the Knights completed a 64 yard pass to set up a final second game winning field goal, a heartbreaking loss for the Owls.  On the way to the locker room the knights wanted to show me who they played for and point to their favorite photographer…. or something like that.

CGY131116825_UCF_V_Temple CGY131116871_UCF_V_Temple CGY131116849_UCF_V_Temple


I wrapped up editing, packed up and headed for Saint Joes for my first basketball game of the season.  Just a simple trip accross town or so I thought.  Long frustrating story short,  I was in the middle of row homes and a half an hour away form my original destination….EFF google maps.  I finally arrived to the stadium and got ready to shoot an exciting basketball game.





From the tip off, St Joe’s was in control.  They even kept All-American Doug McDermott quiet, at least until the final 4 seconds.













As many people know, during t.v. timeouts there is always something going on. 9 times out of 10 I’m oblivious to it as I normally go through my shots and tag my selects.  This time I just happened to pay atention as this kid attempted to have his books paid for if he could make a half court shot in three tries. He did it in two.

Congrats on the extra beer money this year!!




Both teams trade the lead in the second and it seemed like it was anyones game










Until like I mentioned, All-American Doug McDermott had enough and a chance to take the lead with 4 seconds left.  On a beautiful three point play the Blue Jays took the lead and didn’t give the Hawks the ball back.



and with that, closed out a exciting day of final second victory’s in two sports.  Don’t forget to like, comment and tell me what you think.




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